Organisations wishing to accept Acceptgiro will have to implement the specifications (see  below). The ‘System Test Application Form’ should be completed and submitted together with the test set to the Acceptgiro Test Institute for assessment.

Before the test set is submitted, the quality of the printing and positioning of the code line should be checked using the Acceptgiro test template. Order this template via our contact form – state expressly “test template”.


Specifications for Acceptgiro
Embodiments – using IBAN and BIC (R&R Annex F.A)
Specifications and standards (R&R Annex G.A)
Standard OCR-B ECMA-11, third edition, March 1976, size 1, Sub-set 2

System Test
IBAN-Acceptgiro Form System Test (R&R Annex E.A)
System Test Application UPSS