Do you want to accept Acceptgiro?
Organisations wishing to accept Acceptgiro will have to sign a contract at a bank that offers Acceptgiro. Your organization has to comply with the standards for the product.

  • Contract holders C-contract
    It is essential that payees implement the specifications and receive their certification by an Acceptgiro Test Institute.  Order your free Acceptgiro test template now. Use the contact form; state expressly “test template”.
  • Contract holders A/S contract
    Please contact a certified Printer or certified Service Bureau.

Publications in English
Specifications for Acceptgiro
Embodiments – using IBAN and BIC
Specifications and standards
Standard OCR-B ECMA-11, third edition, March 1976, size 1, Sub-set 2

System Test
Acceptgiro Form System Test (R&R Annex E.A)
System Test Application UPSS